Entry 2: Chasing Waterfalls with Jaclyn

I first met Jaclyn Fleurant at some point in 2013, at the time I was a senior in high school and she was in her sophomore year of college.  I was beginning to become good friends and spending a lot of with Jaclyn's brother, Jon, who was starting to get into photography.  Somewhere along the line Jaclyn and I became good friends and started taking pictures together occasionally in our free time for fun until she began a fashion blog, Her Wearabouts.  

Flash forward to 2016, Jaclyn and I hadn't seen each other for close to half a year due to school as well as her spending a good part of the winter in Florida.  After coming back to New Jersey, Jaclyn asked if we could shoot together as she had just gotten some new clothes from a brand called Wish You Were Northwest.  From the name I immediately knew where I wanted to take these pictures.  Every now and then I would run into photos of this giant waterfall located somewhere in Upstate New York that looks right out of the Pacific North West.  

At 5am my friend Josh picked me up and we headed west to pickup Jaclyn.  From there we made a quick stopover in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to pick up our friend Jacob and Emily and from there we were off.  Close to five hours later we finally reached the falls.  I feared that the state park that encompassed the falls would be packed since it was one of the first really warm days of the year and my photographs would be tainted with tourists in the background.  Fortunately, due to some miracle, we ended up being the only ones there that day! 

After a quick half mile hike through the woods we reached the falls were we all began snapping away, admiring the beauty all around us.  Josh took out his drone and began flying around getting all kinds of cool aerial shots and I took Jaclyn out into the middle of the river on the rocks and began shooting away.  As we concluded we walked back onto the bridge and noticed a man meditating on a rock in the middle of the river a bit down stream, which was half cool and half hilarious to see.  

We wrapped up our day eating pizza in the nearby town before starting the five hour trek back home.